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76% of US adults have looked up health information online

woman-computerMarketingCharts reports on a study about how consumers are looking up health information online:

The latest Harris Poll, measuring how many people use the Internet to look for information about health topics, finds that the numbers continue to increase. The Harris Poll first used the word Cyberchondriacs to describe these people in 1998, when just over 50 million American adults had ever gone online to look for health information.


Sanofi snubs Allergan, Allergan snubs Valeant

allerganAllergan has told Valeant to go packing. The LA Times reports that the Botox maker has told acquisition-minded Valeant that the $46 billion being offered undervalues the company. Allergan also said the deal includes significant shareholder risk.

“We question how long Valeant would achieve the level of cost cuts it is proposing without harming the long-term viability and growth trajectory of our business,” Allergan CEO David Pyott wrote in a letter to Valeant, the Times reported.…


Selling Your Medical Practice

forsaleWhen practice owners are looking to SELL their BUSINESS, it is important for them to get a proper VALUATION for their GOING CONCERN. The goal in selling any business is to get MAXIMUM RETURN/VALUE. Too many physicians compile a laundry list of TANGIBLE ASSETS (waiting room furniture, exam tables, specialized equipment/tools/instrumentation) while failing to realized the VALUE of their BUSINESS is determining a fair MULTIPLE of their FREE CASH FLOW.…