CFO Services

Why Hire a Part-Time CFO?


Put a CFO in your corner – a service that pays for itself many times over

Here are just some of the reasons companies hire part-time CFO resources.

  • To Improve Profits.  CFO plays an important role in establishing policies and procedures to enhance profitability by maximizing current operational efficiency and utilizing forecasting to set standards for future operations.
  • To add a management partner to your team. Someone you can bounce ideas off of – someone to provide an objective sounding board for senior management in the decision making process – provides business counsel and insightful analysis. Emotional support – client quote “I get excited because I have someone like you helping me”.
  • To provide an independent third party perspective –independent review – fresh perspective – will tell you like it is.  Even if you have a controller or CPA, we offer a ‘second look’ program to give you unbiased third party perspective that includes recommendations of opportunities for profit improvement.
  • Strategic focus.  Allows you to move beyond a compliance and tax accounting perspective to focus on strategic management to your business objectives.
  • Accountability.  Regular meetings keeps you accountable and on task to agreed upon milestones and objectives.
  • Communicate with multiple stakeholders clearly – board of directors, bankers or investors, CFO is one person who really understands the numbers, and explains them to your audience in terms any layman can understand.
  • Restructure.  A CFO will help you identify ways to restructure existing loans, agreements with suppliers, or distribution partners to save money.
  • Reduce Costs.  Your CFO is skilled at finding areas where you can save money with the least impact to your business. Also, part-time, as-needed is much less expensive than a full time financial staff resource.
  • It pays for itself.  The cost savings and profit improvements more than make up for the fees.
  • Outsourced controllership. Instead of having full-time controller, hire a part-time CFO.  CFO ensures that all recordkeeping and financial reporting procedures are accurate and compliant with all regulations that apply to the business.
  • Fix faster.  While you may be able to fix any problem yourself – engaging a CFO Service speeds that time up for you and allows you to focus on other things.

Strategic Business Planning

MBA fractional CFO services becomes a strategic planning partner to provide a road map for your vision, building actionable business strategies and develop a strategic business plan to move you from current state toward your definition of an Exit Plan. Our approach is not to put a lot of paper into a three-ring binder that collects dust, but rather to build a comprehensive set of linked, but separable near-term actions focused on isolating tactical and strategic planning imperatives that will result in real measurable results.

  • Assess Viability of Organic Growth
  • Evaluate Feasibility of Acquisitive Growth
  • Benchmark Company vs. Peers
  • Develop competitive SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats)
  • Ensure leadership and management agree with and buy in to the future direction
  • Assess leadership and management talent and identify gaps
  • Document who is going to do what, by when and what results are expected
  • Development of balanced scorecard mechanism for each 90 day period to assess progress and take corrective action to stay on course