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Ever wonder why your practice doesn’t show up on the first page of Google and the major search engines?  When people refer to SEO, they almost always use it as a term to describe the unpaid, natural results of the search engines. However, at Med Business Advisors, we take the meaning of SEO many steps further.  Your potential patients use search engines every day to do research, locate your website and make buying decisions regarding medical and dental practices.

Did you know…

  • Over 95% of searchers do not go past the first page
  • In 2006 there were approximately 212 Million searches daily
  • In 2011 there were over 1 Billion daily searches

Benefits: One benefit to implementing an SEO strategy for generating referrals is that it provides a level playing field for all competitors in the market. Your ranking cannot be influenced by out-bidding a competitor and is based on the content that exists on your website and your website’s domain authority. Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors. Creating or optimizing content for maximum search results can be a very cost-effective marketing strategy that can have long-term results. Another benefit to SEO is that you can target specific keywords that potential patients may be using in search queries. Adding these keywords or phrases to your website’s content will boost rankings and visibility. You are also able to target new potential patients at the local level; using local modifiers with phrases such as “Florida Hand Centers” or “New York City Vein Care”.

Medical SEO vs Medical PPC: A Search Engine Marketing Overview image SEOvsPPC SEO Sept 3

Limitations: SEO does have some drawbacks. First, SEO is a long-term strategy that takes time to implement and even more time to see ranking improvements. A website will not jump to the top of the rankings a day after adding keywords to your content. It takes time for the search engines to continually crawl a website and determine there is a fit between your content and the search query. It also takes time to build your domain authority so that you can outrank your competitors on similar search terms. SEO requires a continued dedication to providing new and unique content (such as blogs), which take time to write and a level of commitment that many may not be able to provide. For targeting purposes, SEO realistically (unless you have a very large SEO budget) only targets ‘local’ keywords like ‘Miami knee replacement’ (as ‘national’ keywords like ‘knee replacement’ are simply too competitive to achieve page 1 rankings).  A good SEO strategy should only involve targeting 6-10 keywords/phrases, leaving many other searched terms or keywords unaccounted for in your online marketing strategy.   Lastly, when evaluating SEO success, it is important to peel away (e.g., not include) any visitors that come from ‘branded’ searches (searches done on your physician or practice names), as these visitors generally found you (initially) via other means (e.g. are existing patients, found via offline advertising, etc.).  Branded searches often make up 70-80% of organic visitors, but add little incremental value.

Content Marketing Continues to Dominate

The heart of your successful 2014 SEO campaigns should most definitely contain extensive content marketing. This trend saw a huge surge in 2013, and the momentum is expected to continue tenfold. Content marketing and SEO are best friends because great content does indeed equal great SEO. Content has a myriad of functions in addition to providing search engines quality results, but for the sake of SEO, nothing could be more critical to your efforts than comprehensive and consistent content marketing campaigns.

A powerful piece of the Internet marketing puzzle.

Search engine optimization is an essential piece of the total Internet marketing picture. Keyword-rich content, inbound linking strategies, and website quality and design analysis are SEO services that contribute to our clients’ powerful results.

Effective SEO strategies to help your website rank high.

Doctors trust that we will produce relevant results and competitive search engine positioning; users rely on the Internet to find a medical professional in their area. Our efforts offer a recipe for extraordinary results.

More queries delivered to you through the Internet.

Approaching their respective needs accordingly, our marketing team formulates strategies that will provide clients with an increased amount of quality traffic to their websites. Greater amounts of traffic: greater probability of more Internet queries.