Inadequate Training for New Patient Calls

by Lonnie Hirschdownload

Everyone in the office needs to understand how and why new patient inquiry calls are significantly different from the routine. Without preparation and training, seven out of 10 prospective new patient calls will result in no appointment…and no revenue.

This classic mistake—Inadequate Training—is “Deadly Sin #5,” and it can doom the best healthcare marketing and external advertising. Here’s why, and what to do to protect your advertising investment.…


Social Media is Changing How Doctors & Patients Interact

download (1)Social media has expanded the communication opportunities between consumers and brands all over the world. Professionals that rely on client communications are also leveraging social communications both as means of engaging with existing clients and patients as well as to create awareness and engagement with new “customers”.

The power of the Internet is the power of the patient, who can now research treatments, compare physicians, and collaborate with doctors, who may not always—in fact, don’t typically, according to Timimi—have the time or budget to conduct the kind of in-depth research their patients can and will because, frankly, they’re damn motivated.…


The Power of a Content Marketing Strategy in 2014


What plans do you have for content marketing this year? 2014 is here and many of us have yet to plan our best SEO tactics for the whole year. Gosh! How do we move? Can content marketing be perceived as one of the most power-packed SEO tactics in 2014?

With Google’s “canonical” warnings, it is becoming more difficult to achieve business objectives and balance that with SEO.…